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Research Interests

1. Synthesis and self-assembly of low-dimensional semiconducting nanomaterial heterostructures

Nanoscale semiconductor heterostructures, with capabilities of realizing structural and functional complexity through rational design and synthesis, offer exquisite control of chemical composition, morphology, structure, doping and assembly. They represent a unique building block with versatile electronic, optoelectronic, and catalytic properties.

2. Fabrication of photoelectrochemical nanodevices for solar energy conversion and electrochemical energy storage

We are focusing on developing photoelectrochemical toolkits for efficient capture and utilization of solar energy (artificial photosynthesis), as well as electrochemical energy storage. Efforts being investigated include the semiconductor design/synthesis, electrochemical tuning of charge carriers, and interface engineering of new catalysts.

3. Development of nanomaterial-biomaterial interfaces for disease diagnosis, imaging and treatment

With rational surface functionalization, these nanoscale building blocks are capable of sensitive molecular recognition of a variety of biologically important molecules and enzymatic functions for disease diagnosis. Moreover, the high photo-to-electric response, chemical stability and biological benignity of these hetero-nanostructures further enable direct interfacing with cells for intracellular signaling and regulation .



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